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Who we are

The STCRC ceased operations on 30 June 2010 following 13 years as Australian tourism’s scientific and strategic research organisation. All of the STCRC reports remain available for free download from the Bookshop and a range of tools are available from the Tools and Products Section.

No new information will be added to this site after June 2010, however a new STCRC development will go live in July 2010 and provide an ongoing interactive resource for tourism professionals and practitioners.

Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre (STCRC) was established under the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centres program in 1997, and grew to be the largest dedicated tourism research organisation in the world.

STCRC was formed to underpin the development of a dynamic, internationally competitive, and sustainable Australian tourism industry.

In consultation with a broad cross section of stakeholders, STCRC undertook research into the strategic challenges facing Australian tourism and produced reports, information, tools and products to improve business practices and inform policy development.

Our Vision

To deliver innovation to destinations, businesses, communities and governments; ultimately enhancing the environmental, economic and social sustainability of tourism in Australia.

Delivering to Industry

In addition to publishing a catalogue of leading research reports; many of the outcomes of STCRC research are developed into kits, tools and new products to inform and assist industry and end users to be more knowledgeable, productive and competitive.

Our research was delivered to the industry through:

  • New products and systems for national and international distribution, managed by our commercial arm EC3
  • Conferences, workshops, seminars
  • Kits, manuals, published reports, summary sheets and extension flyers
  • Internet-based information services
  • Training products, courses and programs
  • International consulting services

We developed Australia’s long-term tourism research capacities through a vigorous postgraduate research education program, supported by scholarships for students in industry-designed projects, and by developing and distributing education and training products.

EC3 Global

EC3 Global was STCRC’s subsidiary commercialisation and consulting company for the development and delivery of commercial research outcomes to industry, up until the closure of the STCRC in June 2010. EC3 Global was purchased in July 2010 by a consortium of EC3 Global executives and the business continues to operate as before, with further growth and expansion planned.

EC3 Global is an internationally recognised environmental management and advisory group which provides industry with a comprehensive range of products and services to achieve sustainability targets.

EC3 Global continues to develop and refine STCRC research knowledge into products and services for distribution to industry and government in Australia and globally.

Read more about EC3 Global and their tools and products or visit the EC3 website.

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