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Sustainable Tourism CRC’s innovative Geospatial Search Application for Tourism is revolutionising travel decision making and itinerary planning. Using Google Earth, travellers can zoom around the globe, focusing in on destinations to access information from databases of tourism products, services and related information in any format including text, images, video and sound. Take some time to explore the destinations below.

 To view the tours, simply download the free version of Google Earth then click on any of the following files.

You can speed up or slow down the fly thru via the Google Earth Menu - Tools/Option/Touring. Click the 'show balloon when tour is paused' box on the right hand side and adjust the settings to suit your viewing.

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Fraser Island

This World Heritage listed sand island is over 120 kilometres long. The island's treasures include more than 100 freshwater lakes, vast expanses of ancient rainforest, several beach landing strips and a myriad of crystal-clear, fast flowing creeks. Sustainable Tourism CRC has completed a number of research projects on this environmentally sensitive island. Explore some the stunning scenery through this Google Earth flyover.

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Margaret River

Premium wines from quality vineyards and a spectacular coastline draw thousands of visitors to this stunning region each year. Sustainable Tourism CRC’s Good Living series provides fascinating facts and keen insights into Australia’s booming food and wine tourism sector.

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Heron Island

Located near the Tropic of Capricorn in the southern Great Barrier Reef, this coral cay is situated on the western side of Heron Reef, a fringing platform reef of significant biodiversity. Heron Reef is home to around 900 of the 1500 fish species and 72% of the coral species found on the Great Barrier Reef. Sustainable Tourism CRC's CoralWatch initiative runs a Focus on Corals workshop on the island each year. Take a virtual tour of this island paradise.

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One of Australia's principal tourist destinations, Melbourne boasts world-class festivals, fashion and sporting events. The city's architecture is an eclectic mix of timeless classics and futuristic masterpieces, all complemented by the winding Yarra River and countless beautiful parks. Melbourne's city council is successfully using Sustainable Tourism CRC’s EarthCheck indicators to monitor and reduce water use in city hotels. The program is showing savings of the equivalent of 20 olympic swimming pools, annually.

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Grand Pacific Drv, Wollongong

Just 1 hour south of Sydney, Grand Pacific Drive encompasses some of New South Wales’s most spectacular scenery and coastline. Beginning at the Royal National Park (world’s second oldest), this magnificent driving route passes through beautiful coastal rainforests and spectacular driving scenery with close proximity to sheer cliffs and the South Pacific Ocean. The route crosses the impressive 665 metre Sea Cliff Bridge and quaint coastal villages before passing through passing through Wollongong and then south to Shellharbour, Kiama and Shoalhaven, or head west to the Southern Highlands and then south to Canberra.

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