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How to Prepare For a Game Fishing Trip

Going on your first game fishing trip is indeed a very exciting moment. But, through the excitement, are you fully prepared to tackle the challenges and surprises of the sea? Here is a list of tips that will help you get ready better:

Check Safety Gear

Before you embark on your trip, you need to first check all the safety gear on the marine vessel. Most come with things like emergency kits. However, you need to double check that all the necessary items, such as personal locators, flares, and first aid kits are present. Your local jurisdiction may have compliance requirements for safety gear on boats. Read through these and make sure the requirements are met in advance.

Test the Radar Device

Most boat accessories don’t need real-life testing before going out at sea. But the radar device is different. Experts highly recommend that you test your radar at least once in real-life setting before going off-shore. This would ensure that the device works properly. Also, it’s a good way to find out if you know how to use all the features of the radar gadget you’ve bought. Some multi-function radars have complicated interfaces that require getting used to. Know how at least some of these work before setting off.

Design an Itinerary

Think going on a fishing trip is all about getting on a boat and setting off into the sunset? That’s not quite how it goes. You must have a plan for everything. For starters, decide where you want to go to fish. You may plan on relying on a fish finder, but you must decide on a navigational route. Then there are the small things to consider as well, such as when you want to leave and when to return. The itinerary must include meal times and if needed, stops as well. Plan your game fishing trip like any other trip to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Check Weather Reports Religiously

You must check weather reports in advance for the days you plan on setting sail. Weather is unpredictable, of course, so you must routinely check reports right up to the time you are about to leave. Set weather alerts for the area so that you know if there are any warnings issued for the area on time. The unexpected can happen, so your plan should be flexible enough get around bad weather.

Pack Motion Sickness Meds

If you are used to the sea, this is not an issue. But as a precaution, pack motion sickness medication in the first aid kit. Even if you don’t need it, a guest invited on-board might.

Prepare for Surprises

Off-shore fishing trips are more often than not full of surprises (of the pleasant kind, of course). Mostly, you may stumble upon unexpected marine life when fishing. So venture out well prepared. Have an array of hooks, bait, and fishing roads ready in case you meet an unexpected school of fish. Don’t assume that you would only find fish indicated on a tour guide.

Bring Cash

You never know what you need to buy last minute. Therefore, bring some cash on-board to spend just in case. Keep the cash in a secure, waterproof wallet or a bag.

If this is truly your first time, go on the trip with an experienced person who can give you fishing tips. Otherwise, make sure you undertake all safety precaution in advance as mentioned above.

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